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Marangoni Retread Runs For More Than 500,000 Miles

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Doug Simons, owner of Douglas Simons Trucking, with a Marangoni RDG 200 Ringtread Drive retread that ran for more than 500,000 miles.

RDG 200 Ringtread Drive retreads from Marangoni Tread North America (MTNA) have reached what the company calls “a rare milestone” in retread performance - more than 500,000 service miles.

The retreads were placed in service by Douglas Simons Trucking of Stewart, Tenn., in December July 2015 and were removed this past July. They were manufactured by Marangoni network retreader Wilson County Tire of Lebanon, Tenn.

“I knew the RDG 200 from Marangoni was a strong performer and had very good traction in all weather conditions, and I was amazed by the mileage we were experiencing,” says Doug Simons, owner of Douglas Simons Trucking. “Each time we took our measurements, the expected mileage kept increasing.”

MTNA President Clif Armstrong calls the RDG 200 “a high performance tread that delivers extended mileage at lower costs-per-mile. The 500,347-mile performance for Douglas Simons is a testament not only to the premium Ringtread System of spliceless retread performance, but also how fleets can get the best service out of their tires at the lowest cost of ownership.”

He says Douglas Simons Trucking “worked to maintain air pressure and alignment” during the product’s lifecycle. "This is a model for all fleets to follow. ”


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