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Atturo Launches Muscle Car Tire During SEMA360

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“People who own muscle cars - whether it’s a Challenger, Charger, Mustang or Camaro - are enthusiasts about their vehicle,” says Atturo's Mathis.

Atturo Tire Corp. is breaking into the American muscle car market with its new AZ850 Muscle ultra-high performance passenger tire line, which debuted today during SEMA360.

“This new lineup features the brand’s same, proven, ultra-high performance AZ850 tire in new sizes specific to muscle car applications,” like the Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang, Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger, according to Atturo officials.

The Atturo AZ850 Muscle features an asymmetric tread design with different inside and outside contours for optimal balance across its tread face. “This evenly distributes the pressure of the contact surface to enhance traction and handling.”

“Mopar enthusiasts actually discovered us,” says Atturo President Michael Mathis. “They started using the AZ850 on cars like the Challenger and the Charger. They were hitting the dragstrips and discovering how well the tire performed.”

After seeing the AZ850 used in these applications, Atturo “recognized that the muscle car market is a natural fit” for the brand.

“People who own muscle cars - whether it’s a Challenger, Charger, Mustang or Camaro - are enthusiasts about their vehicle,” notes Mathis. “One thing they loved about Atturo is that we were delivering great value. And we actually found the muscle car market to be similar to the Jeep segment. Both are full of enthusiasts who love their vehicle and are highly likely to modify it.

“We look for segments where people really love their vehicles and want to do great things with their tires.”

Atturo’s market research has found that of the more than 1.8 million muscle cars currently on the road today, over 44% of their owners are likely to modify the vehicles, with the most likely modification being a set of performance tires. 

“To cater to this audience, Atturo is releasing initial size ranges for the AZ850 Muscle lineup in 19- and 20-inch rim sizes, with staggered applications for the Challenger, Charger, Mustang and Camaro,” say company officials.

New AZ850 Muscle sizes include:














“By offering the new sizes in our AZ850 Muscle lineup, we’re excited to provide a wider array of muscle car enthusiasts with new great tire options, enabling even more people to ‘Go Their Own Way’ on Atturo,” says Mathis.


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