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31 Inc.

Are EV Tires Repairable?

Nov. 30, 2023
As more electric vehicles hit the market, tire dealers are going to need to learn how to service EVs and EV tires. Robbie Bushnell, vice president of tire repair products at 31...
In 2019 Russ Devens of McCarthy Tire Service helped create the Safety Leadership Summit, a gathering of the nation’s largest commercial tire dealers, to talk about safety issues. After four years of summits, the event has branched out to cover retail-oriented safety issues, too.

'There's No Competition in Safety'

Nov. 16, 2023
When Russ Devens helped create the Safety Leadership Summit, he and other organizers agreed on one big principle: “There’s no competition in safety.” And that has guided them ...
Photo Credit: ACDC
Craig Van Batenburg is pictured next to a Kia Niro EV, one piece of the electric and hybrid fleet at his training business, Automotive Career Development Center (ACDC.)

Podcast: How to Get Started With EV Service

Feb. 23, 2023
Cox Automotive predicts electric vehicle sales in the U.S. will surpass one million units for the first time in 2023. Tire dealers that aren’t yet servicing those vehicles are...
Wonderland Tire Co.
'We always take a long-range approach to things,' says Langerak.

The Power of 'Patient Capital'

Nov. 2, 2023
Jon Langerak, MTD's Tire Dealer of the Year, has successfully employed "patient capital" to build his dealership, Wonderland Tire Co. In this episode of The Modern Tire Dealer...
Ridemax It 697

Podcast: How to Prepare Your Customers' Tires For Winter

Oct. 19, 2023
Sponsored Podcast: In this episode of The Modern Tire Dealer Show, Phillip Baird, Regional Sales Associate, BKT, shares best practices to help you prepare your customers' tires...
Canada Tire Inc.
'It comes down to doing things the others don't,' says Granatstein.

Why There's Still a Place for Independent Tire Distributors

Oct. 5, 2023
Despite continuing consolidation, there's still a place for independent tire distributors. Gabriel Granatstein, CEO of Canada Tire, explains why in this episode of The Modern ...
CJ's Tire and Automotive
CJ’s Tire & Automotive, a retail and wholesale tire dealership headquartered in Birdsboro, Pa. has 17 retail locations, according to Leeanne Bolger, director of marketing for all of CJ's Tire locations.

How to Digitally Market Your Tire Dealership

Sept. 21, 2023
Leeanne Bolger, director of marketing for CJ's Tire & Automotive, comes on the Modern Tire Dealer Show to talk about the transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing...
Chapel Hill Tire
“There’s a lot to look at and analyze” when considering buying a single-store dealership, says McGregor.

Your Guide To Buying a Single-Store Dealership

Sept. 7, 2023
Thinking about acquiring a single-store dealership? Listen to this episode of The Modern Tire Dealer Show first. M&A expert Michael McGregor offers some valuable advice.