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Hunter Rolls Out New Equipment During Innovation Expo

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The new Quick Check Drive system for heavy-duty applications is one of several new products that Hunter is displaying this week during its Innovation Expo.

Hunter Engineering Co. has unveiled a number of new equipment solutions, including its Quick Check Drive and Quick Check Edge heavy-duty inspection system, which can "cycle trucks through continuously, eliminating the need for stopping or labor," according to Hunter officials.

The equipment is on display this week at the Hunter Innovation Expo.

The new heavy-duty inspection system supports multi-trailer configurations, dual axles and super single tires.

"Once a truck has passed through, alignment and tire tread results can be automatically displayed through Flightboard," a digital display board that allows customers to see results first-hand. Shops without digital display capabilities also can present information from any PC or tablet with an Internet connection.

"Customers can get a full health report," says Pete Liebetreu, Hunter's vice president of marketing, told MTD.

The Quick Check Drive and Quick Check Edge heavy-duty inspection system "will really help fleets that are trying to control their costs and tire dealers who are trying to increase their revenue by finding needed work. Inspection equipment has a great payback on it, especially as it relates to heavy-duty applications."

Also new from Hunter is the HD Elite heavy-duty wheel balancer, which the company says measures run-out and balance faster "than any traditional balancer."

The machine solves vibration issues by detecting and matching the high spot of tires using a diagnostic load roller and features a patented laser vision system to help eliminate technician errors. 

"Run-out is critical in heavy-duty," according to Liebetreu. 

The HD Elite also offers self-calibration via Hunter's eCal auto-calibration system and comes with a wheel lift that can hoist assemblies up to 500 pounds in weight. "It can do passenger car tires, as well. We call it 'Kia-to-Kenworth' capability."

In addition, Hunter is displaying a new, four-post lift for heavy-duty applications, which features 30-inch wide runways; a new Tire Cutter accessory that uses a vertical blade to cut apart - and remove - foam-filled tires from rims; the TCX58/TCX59 tire changer, which features Hunter's new FastBlast inflation system; and the company's Revolution H tire changer, which is the firm's "first Internet of Things tire changer."

The Revolution H machine interfaces with the HunterNet 2 system, a new data portal that allows customers to log in "and conduct all of their Hunter business. It's a way to see how their equipment is performing."

Customers "can filter results" and the system also includes historical information, among other data. "It's the framework all of our future products will mesh into."

HunterNet 2 "will evolve weekly or monthly," he added. "And we'll continue to add more value to the platform."

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