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Webinar: Digital Marketing Made Easy

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It is no secret that nearly every aspect of life has been upturned, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the shift to digital shopping. The pandemic, the election, and even natural disasters have taken a toll on consumers forcing many online and leaving dealers concerned what the new year will bring.  

A great online presence can stabilize your business and will help drive sales. But what exactly makes a great online experience? Is it your website, online advertising or social media?  

In this webinar presented by Net Driven, Net Driven’s Director of Client Relationships, Doug Augis, and National Sales Manager, Phil Walter, explore 10 tactics to help you develop a strong online presence so your shop can thrive.  

 You will learn how to:  

  • Determine which online channels deserve your attention 
  • Optimize your online presence to beat out the competition 
  • What factors play the biggest role in search engine rank 
  • And more

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