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Greenball Pushes Centennial Brand as an Affordable Off-Road Option

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Greenball Pushes Centennial Brand as an Affordable Off-Road Option

The Centennial brand from Greenball Corp. is marketed as an affordable product for consumers searching for tires with both on- and off-road handling.

All sizes of the truck and SUV tires are in stock, the company says.

“Every consumer has different needs when it comes to tires, and it’s our job to provide solutions,” says Randy Tsai of Greenball. “Following the success of our Kanati Tires light truck program, we saw an opportunity with the Centennial brand to offer quality light truck tires at a competitive price point.”

Every tire in the Centennial lineup has two prominent features:

  • an aggressive, capable design for various off-road terrain and adverse weather conditions; and
  • a price point that makes the product an economical choice for light truck and off-road enthusiasts.

Tires are available in both LT and p-metric sizes. Here's a roundup of the Centennial line:

Terra Commander A/T (P-Metric Sizes)

A replacement option for older light truck and SUV models, the Terra Commander A/T is mountain snowflake rated and can be fitted with  No. 13 winter studs for traction and braking power in extreme snowy and icy conditions.

Terra Commander A/T (LT Sizes)

With a versatile tread pattern and high load capacity, the Terra Commander A/T offers a heavy duty 10-ply rated construction and is mountain snowflake rated for winter use.

Terra Trooper A/T

Built for longevity and designed to provide a smooth and quiet ride on the highway, the Terra Trooper A/T is for drivers who spend most of their time on paved roads, but who also enjoy some light off-roading.

Terra Commander M/T

The most aggressive of the Centennial lineup, the Terra Commander M/T features large tread lugs and high void ratios to ensure maximum traction in all off-road conditions.

Dirt Commander M/T

The aggressive tread pattern on the Centennial Dirt Commander M/T was designed to provide traction and durability in various terrain and weather conditions, while also providing a comfortable highway ride.

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