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Michelin Unveils Its First EV Tire for North America

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Michelin says its Pilot Sport EV is the company's first tire "designed to address the specific demands made by electric sports cars."



Michelin North America Inc. is bringing its first tire specifically designed for electric vehicles to the North American market. The Michelin Pilot Sport EV, which is already sold in China, will be available in the United States and Canada during the third quarter of 2021.

The tire will be available in 16 sizes - 11 original equipment and five replacement sizes - for 18- and 22-inch diameter rims.

"The Michelin Pilot Sport EV benefits directly from the progress Michelin has achieved over six seasons in Formula E and incorporates ElectricGrip Compound technology, which features a hard compound for the center of the tread to provide the grip required to handle high torque characteristics of electric sports cars," say company officials. "The sidewalls carry over the same pattern and velvet-finish markings of Michelin’s Formula E tire."

Specifically, Michelin says the tire provides "optimal grip on dry and wet roads, irrespective of the tire's level of wear, taking into account the higher weight and weight distribution characteristics associated with electric sports cars."

It also offers "outstanding resistance to wear in response to the high torque and acceleration forces of electric sports cars," as well as low rolling resistance and a reduced noise thanks to Michelin's Acoustic Technology.

"In order to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the life of (the) tire and address the demands of electric sports car owners, Michelin has pledged to neutralize the CO2 emissions associated with the tire’s production and transport to its point of sale.

"This process includes the financing of projects aimed at offsetting and absorbing the residual CO2 emissions associated with tire production."



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