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Home Depot Selects Michelin Tweel for Mowers

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Home Depot's ZTR mowers will now roll on the Michelin X Tweel Turf.



Home Depot's popular line of ZTR mowers will run on the Michelin X Tweel Turf airless tire in a bid to eliminate downtime.

"Tire/wheel-related issues made up over 40% of all downtime, service calls, machine recoveries and parts usage for Home Depot rentals," say Michelin officials.

 "The challenge to Michelin was to outfit the mowers with a solution that reduced downtime. Closely monitoring uptime - or what the industry refers to as 'rental readiness,' total cost of ownership and customer-feedback channels - led to this improvement opportunity for Home Depot.

"As of last fall, the full conversion for both rear-drive tire assemblies and front casters was made at Home Depot across the U.S. The solution has resulted in the elimination of every single service call, downtime and negative customer experience based on tires as the root cause."

Justin Brock, marketing manager for construction/Tweel, Michelin, says the tire manufacturer "designed the X Tweel Turf tire to meet the growing customer demand to reduce downtime in the commercial mower segment.”


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