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Delinte's New SUV Tire Takes the SEMA Show by Storm

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Delinte's New SUV Tire Takes the SEMA Show by Storm

The Delinte S8 Desert Storm II is Sentury Tire Americas' new powerline. The tire was introduced at the 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in the Las Vegas Convention Center on Nov. 1.

The performance SUV tire is available in 84 sizes ranging from 275/60ZR20 to 275/20R30. It is designed with comfort, stability and performance at highway speeds in mind, according to the company. It features the following:

* wet traction grooves. Three wide longitudinal main grooves are designed to evacuate water at high speeds effectively.

* grip optimized grooves. The wide angle groove enhances snow grip and evacuates both water and snow.

* "Super Stable" shoulder. The big blocks on the outside enhance steering and handling performance on wet roads.

* enhanced wet grip. The blocks on the inside are designed for wet and winter roads.

* an asymmetrical tread pattern.

Sentury Tire Americas backs the tire with a 40,000-mile limited tread wear warranty. It is made at the Qingsao Sentury Tire Co. Ltd. plant in Thailand.

The SEMA Show will run through Friday, Nov. 4, in Las Vegas.

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