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Washington State Sets Aggressive EV Deadline

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Clean Cars 2030 "sets a goal of requiring all new vehicles in Washington to be electric starting with model year 2030 and directs government agencies to prepare for the transition," say state officials. (Pictured, an electric BMW i3 equipped with Bridgestone tires.)

The state of Washington has passed a law establishing a 2030 target for phasing out the sale of gas-powered vehicles. It sets the most aggressive state goal in the U.S. for moving to an all-electric future and puts Washington five years ahead of California's 2035 target.

"Passage of this legislation takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of the electric vehicle transition by creating a clear timeline with the data, tools and guidelines we need to help businesses, developers, governments and consumers plan with confidence," Washington Sen. Marko Liias said in a statement.

"Clean Cars 2030 is a critical step to meet urgent carbon reduction goals here in Washington and can serve as a model and impetus for other states to accelerate the switch to EVs."

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