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Hunter Adds Tablet to Bench Lathes

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The addition of a tablet on Hunter's BL Series of bench lathes gives technicians quick access to data while in the midst of a service.

Hunter Engineering Co.'s  BL Series of bench lathes now includes a new tablet, which provides technicians with easy access to data while in the midst of a service.

Technicians previously had to search for things like a rotor's minimum thickness on the part itself. Hunter's tablet provides those specifications after a quick vehicle search.

The tablet then calculates the distance between the cutting bits on the lathe and compares it live to the specifications. When the bits move beyond the specs, the screen turns red. When they stay within, the screen remains green.

The tablet also displays information on the depth of cuts, speeds and settings. Also included are vehicle data such as bore size, lug nut torque and stud type, as well as onboard training videos, text and animations, and a multilingual interface.

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