Bridgestone/Firestone to supply tires for the Enzo Ferrari

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Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire LLC (BFNT) has announced it will supply the Potenza RE050 Scuderia tires for the Enzo Ferrari, the automaker's new high-performance sports car.

Bridgestone developed the tires exclusively for the Enzo, the tiremaker reports. They are built to maintain grip at ultra-high speeds and in cornering, plus retain "a reassuring feel of abolute stability and utterly faithful response," the company says.

Bridgestone adopted special specifications for the configuration, structure, tread pattern and rubber compound, says the company. The tire will be supplied in two sizes: 245/35ZR19(89Y) for the front and 345/35ZR19(110Y) for the rear. It has emphasized turning characteristics in the front tires and power-transmission characteristics for the rear tires.

The tread pattern is asymmetrical. Blocks on the outer side provide optimum lateral rigidity for high-speed turning, while high-angled grooves on the inner side improve water dispersion to prevent hydroplaning. The silica rubber compound helps maintain firm grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

Ferrari and Bridgestone are in the fourth year of a successful collaboration in Formula One competition, Bridgestone adds, which includes 34 F1 victories.

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