Action by TRIB gets offensive campaign ad pulled

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Quick action by the Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB) resulted in an offending campaign ad being pulled from Tennessee television.

Harvey Brodsky, managing director of TRIB, got the heads-up from TRIB member Ricky Holden of Bain & Holden.

Brodsky said a 30-second TV campaign ad for Fran Marcum, who is running for the U.S. Congress, denigrated retreads. He informed Marcum the ad was "greatly harming our industry and that we intended to take immediate action."

In the ad, Marcum says her opponent "is wearing a little thin, just like this retread, which may look all right on the surface, but I wouldn't trust it."

Marcum's office's first reponse to Brodsky was that they did not intend to harm the retreading industry, and they also did not intend to pull the ad.

Brodsky again asked her to pull the ad or within 24 hours TRIB would release over the national wire services a news release stating that the image of the retreading industry has been greatly harmed by Marcum's ad and, when confronted, they refused to do anything about it.

Brodsky is now happy to report the TV spots have been pulled. Marcum also received a packet of information from TRIB on retreading's benefits to the public and the environment.

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