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Dealers Weigh In: Will the Sears DieHard Tire Be a Winner?

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Is DieHard really the best brand name for a tire? Modern Tire Dealer readers aren’t so sure. And they have plenty of other opinions about Sears Holding Corp.’s re-emergence in the tire business.

Here’s what four readers are saying about the iconic battery brand name being extended to tires:

  • “Even though DieHard is an iconic brand and has great top of mind awareness with consumers, is it really a good idea to have the word ‘die’ on the most important safety component of a vehicle?”
  • “Good brand for batteries, but may become a marketing liability if there is a DieHard tire related accident with an unfortunate fatality.”
  • “As a couple of people have already similarly commented, my first reaction was why would you put the word "die" on a tire? I understand Sears' reasoning, but I have to wonder how that comes across in a consumer's mind.”
  • “So they destroyed the RoadHandler brand (used to be just as good as a Michelin) and now they want to do that to DieHard brand. Next they will destroy Craftsman. So sad...”

Sears’ ongoing retail struggles are no secret. The company has recorded a net loss and declining revenue in each of the last three years, and a first-quarter 2016 net loss of $471 million. As MTD Editor Bob Ulrich pointed out in his blog, those losses may warrant a new strategy. MTD readers definitely agree.

“Sears is no longer a TOP of Mind retailer in Southern California. However, Craftsman, Kenmore and DieHard are great names. Sears is NOT a cool place to shop. It's probably going to survive as a reduced version of itself. My take: I've seen Montgomery Ward bite the dust. JCP sold its automotive shops to Bridgestone/ Firestone. My thinking is Sears will sell the automotive to Bridgestone / Firestone who can actually BUY and RUN the operations.. This is consistent with Bridgestone’s stated goals… 800 more locations. The Big ‘if’: are "mall" locations the place to be in the future?”

“Even if the Auto Centers show a sales increase this year they are going against low numbers from last year after they cut their staff almost in half in most stores. Tires are almost being given away to make this year’s numbers look good. It’s smoke and mirrors in a last ditch effort to make it appear that they are doing better.”

“I applaud Sears for getting back to the Sears brands that built the company, but they better start spending money on those dilapidated stores if they want customer to shop there.”

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