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Continental Shows 'Holistic Connectivity' Demo Vehicle

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Continental Shows 'Holistic Connectivity' Demo Vehicle

Continental AG used a consumer electronics show in Shanghai, China, as an opportunity to show its customers the future possibilities with the digitization of mobility.

Continental demonstrated its technology at CES Asia 2016, which ended May 13.

"The global automotive industry is moving towards digitalization and, meanwhile, digitalization is changing the world of the automotive industry – systems, software, and services will all play an increasingly important role," says Raif Cramer, member of the executive board of Continental AG and CEO and president of Continental China. "In the future, more focus will be concentrated on mobility services for people and goods."

At the booth in Hall N3 Stand 3702, Continental showcased technologies such as electronically controlled incremental darkening of car windows, the next functional levels of the electronic horizon (eHorizon) for "seeing around corners", vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and the seamless integration of large-scale, curved displays in the cockpit of the cars of the future. Continental says together, these examples of digitization ensure greater comfort, increased safety on the road, and reduced energy consumption.

Continental offered a glimpse into the holistic connectivity of future mobility with its "Holistic Connectivity" demo vehicle – jointly developed by engineers from China, Singapore, France, Germany, and the U.S.

The demonstrated context-based services include the illustration of a “Gas and Service Station of the Future”: The car will not only inform the driver when it needs to refill gasoline, but also will communicate additional needs like replenishing oil or tire pressure. As part of a two-way communication, the gas station will be able to advertise special offers, such as discounts on a car wash, on the car’s head-unit display.

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