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Bosch Unveils Swing Arm Center Post Tire Changer

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Bosch Unveils Swing Arm Center Post Tire Changer

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions has introduced a swing arm center-post tire changer. The new TCE 4295 machine services wheels up to 47 inches in diameter and 15 inches in width.

The company says the new machine combines the efficiency of a traditional swing arm with the versatility of a modern center-post to handle nearly any wheel and tire combination safely. A center-post design allows for a wide range of applications and effortless locking with Bosch’s ‘Smart Lock’ center locking system.

Bosch says the system offers greatly reduced clamping time when compared to using external clamping units.

The TCE 4295 uses the industry’s most rigid frame for greater strength and durability, according to Bosch. Both the air and electric motor changers feature increased capabilities for larger wheel and tire combinations with a clamping capacity of up to 32 inches.

In addition to increased rigidity and a larger turntable, the TCE 4295 air and electric motor tire changers feature:

 *larger clamping capacity with maximum wheel diameter of 47 inches and maximum width of 15 inches;

* patent-pending Ergo Control hand-actuated bead breaking system provides more precise control of the bead breaker; and

 helper arm system with bead depress device and dual-height bead rollers.

Bosch says each bead roller operates independently for precise control from two points of contact during the tire-changing process.

The machines also have a standard three-year parts and labor warranty.

Bosch says the electric turntable TCE 4295 runs on 110-volt power, providing the same features as competing machines requiring a 220-volt electrical supply. The electric motor changer uses a standard two-speed turntable to allow the operator to maintain optimum torque while removing and installing tough beads. The enhanced control over the tire changing process helps avoid damage to expensive wheel and tire combinations.

The air-operated TCE 4275 requires a minimum of 120-150 PSI shop air and is recommended for low-humidity environments. It offers increased starting torque for versatility, installing tough beads and changing difficult tires.

Bosch’s TCE 4295 is available exclusively through Myers Tire Supply until November 2016. For more information on Bosch tire changers and other wheel service equipment, visit

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