Bridgestone Corp. buys new MTS tire testing technology

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Bridgestone Corp. has begun using a new multi-million dollar version of MTS Systems Corp.'s patented MTS Flat-Trac LTR tire test system with higher load, torque and speed capabilities than previous models engineered by the company.

"Bridgestone wanted a system for dynamic tests on high performance tires, specialized racing tires, and tires for light truck and sport utility vehicles," said Sidney W. Emery Jr., chairman and CEO of MTS. The new version is almost twice as large as other Flat-Trac designs, MTS says.

Flat-Trac systems use proprietary application software for control, data acquisition, and data analysis. "The control platform is paired with a system consisting of a stiff, robust test frame, advanced measurement devices, and a revolving, continuous stainless steel belt that provides a flat simulated road surface," says MTS. "This technology offers tire and vehicle makers tools to determine critical knowledge of tire behavior while operating at speed, under load, and simulating actual driving maneuvers."

Tire manufacturers use data from the Flat-Trac system to measure cornering properties of tires under load for development as well as meeting specifications from automobile manufacturers, the company says.

MTS adds vehicle developers also use versions of the Flat-Trac system to match suspension and tire characteristics for optimized vehicle handling and operation.

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