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Coverage of a Recent Verdict Takes Drama Out of a Lawsuit

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Coverage of a Recent Verdict Takes Drama Out of a Lawsuit

Let's be honest: People love to read and hear about lawsuits. They are inherently competitive and naturally controversial. And often filled with drama.

The problem with covering lawsuits before there is a resolution is society's "guilty before innocent" attitude, which favors the plaintiff or the prosecutor filing the lawsuit. And when the media gets caught up in the hype, the potential for the legal system to break down a little increases.

Modern Tire Dealer's coverage of the handling of a lawsuit on bead breakers illustrates that problem. According to Editor Bob Ulrich, in the end, it is more fair to the parties, in this case, Tire Service Equipment Manufacturing Co. Inc. and Gaither Tool Co.

To understand how MTD's policy helps right a potential wrong, read Ulrich's latest blog, "Why Lawsuits Have to be Handled with Care -- Even After the Verdict."

Has the coverage of lawsuits evolved over the years? Do you agree with MTD's policy?

Read the blog, then share your thoughts on the subject by leaving a comment!

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