Lathe with ServoDrive cuts machining time, Hunter says

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Hunter Engineering’s OCL400 Computerized On-Car Rotor Lathe has a ServoDrive system that provides variable speed and rotational torque during the compensation and machining of the rotor, allowing technicians to cut rotors in half the time of other lathes, the company says.

With ServoDrive, technicians also can change speeds during machining to reduce or eliminate chatter that commonly develops when machining difficult setups.

ServoDrive also allows the servicing of rear rotors on “Locker” differentials, popular on today’s light trucks and SUVs, without the need to remove or disengage driveline components.

The powerful 1.5-hp, three-phase, 220V motor can be operated from a standard 115V outlet. It easily services four-wheel-drive vehicles and one-ton trucks, says Hunter.

The Pro-Comp computerized compensation adjusts for lateral runout with a push of a button and a simple single-point adjustment. After the lathe is mounted to the hub, Pro-Comp compensates the adaptor and lathe to the rotor in seconds, allowing the technician to complete the machining of the rotor within OEM specifications in less than nine minutes.

All adjustments are made easily from outside the fender well. Cutting depth is quickly adjusted through a single-knob design. The offset cutting arm and pivoting control module work the same way when rotated 180 degrees to service the opposite side of the vehicle.

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