New Goodyear tire receives national recognition

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Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. recently received recognition for its latest tire technology.

The Fortera featuring SilentArmor Technology, introduced to tire dealers at Goodyear's dealer meeting in January, has been recognized as one of the top new consumer products by Popular Science.

In the April 2005 issue of Popular Science, the new tire was named one of the "20 Seriously Hot Products that (Almost) Speak for Themselves." The magazine has 1.45 million subscribers and an overall readership of seven million people.

Other "hot new products" included among the 20 are items such as a hard-drive, in-car navigation system; a folding digital photo card with built-in USB plug; and a color-screen nautical auto-pilot system.

"To see our new Fortera SilentArmor tire in this published gallery of high-demand new products is a real plus for Goodyear in the generation of word-of-mouth support and the creation of consumer buzz," says Sanjay Sivanandan, vice president for Goodyear consumer tires. "This type of exposure before a huge audience in one of the leading consumer publications is a boost for the tire, and the retail outlets that stock and sell it.

"It demonstrates to consumers that tires can be high-tech, too. It is a great forum for highlighting the leading technology and innovation being built into today's Goodyear tires."

The Fortera with SilentArmor technology features the following:

* an Armor Zone that is comprised of a layer made with DuPont Kevlar, a fiber which is, pound for pound, five times stronger than steel.

* a Durawall rubber compound, which reinforces the sidewall to help withstand cuts. Durawall technology was borrowed from the Wrangler MT/R, Goodyear's tire for severe off-road use.

* a rugged Rim Guard that protects wheels from curb damage.

* a super absorbent layer between the tire's tread and underlying belts that provides, on average, 20% more cushion than average tires designed for SUVs and light trucks, according to David Griffin, lead project engineer.

Goodyear also made the list last year with its innovative Assurance featuring TripleTred Technology tire.

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