Goodyear improves employee communication

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The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. is implementing the 3n Mass Notification System to communicate instantly with its employees.

Built on the Oracle platform, the 3n System is one of the most secure and reliable mass notification systems available today, according to its developer, National Notification Network (3n).

"We are constantly upgrading our communications plan to prepare for future emergencies, and 3n gives us the confidence to know we can instantly send important information to all of our employees," says Becky Mohler, manager of services administration at Goodyear.

"We've put the system through rigorous weekly tests and are confident our staff is properly trained and prepared to communicate instantly with our employees in the event of an emergency."

The system works like this: After a Goodyear administrator accesses it by on-line login or a phone call, it will instantly deliver customized communication to an entire database of uploaded contacts.

A 3n message can be relayed to all modes of communications including phones (home, work and cell), email, pager, FAX and wireless devices such as laptops, PDA's and BlackBerries. The system will keep reaching out to the contact until receipt is confirmed.

The 3n System then generates a report that indicates "who-did-what-when," and provides Goodyear essential compliance and legal support.

In addition to providing "business continuity" and ensuring public safety, the 3n System "offers value on a daily basis, automating the communication process and bringing significant bottom-line cost savings," says Cinta Putra, CEO and co-founder of 3n.

For more information about 3n, log on to, or call toll-free (888) 366-4911.

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