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New Bendix parts and lube cover millions of vehicles

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Since the first of the year, the Bendix team has launched 200 part numbers -- and a ceramic lubricant -- into the aftermarket. The new part numbers cover more than two million additional cars, trucks and SUVs on the road.

Jim Kelley, director of sales, Americas, for Friction Materials LLC, says the company's goal is to be a full-line supplier of both fast and slow moving parts.

“We are not only providing them with the proper part numbers but also providing them with everything they need right in the box.”

All new brake pad part numbers will include the following value-added enhancements:

1. shims. A variety of premium noise insulators are used across the Bendix product lines to help eliminate noise-related comebacks. Every disc pad SKU includes a noise insulator, and all of the insulators have been attached at the factory.

2. hardware. From abutment kits to spreader springs, all necessary hardware needed to help restore original equipment performance, eliminate comebacks and reduce installation time is included in the box.

3. wire wear sensors. Wear sensors allow the vehicle’s wear indicator system to operate as originally designed. Restoring the wear indicator function is necessary for a top-notch premium brake job.

4. product protection. Each brake pad set is individually wrapped to guarantee shipment quality.

At the recent Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo, Friction Materials LLC also launched Bendix Ceramic High-Performance Brake Lubricant. The lubricant is not only designed to last longer than traditional petroleum-based lubricants, but also engineered to operate within a wide operating temperature range.

Friction Materials LLC, a business unit of Honeywell International Inc., is headquartered in Glinde, Germany. For more information on Bendix and Jurid friction materials and hard parts, visit

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