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SEMA Show, Day Two: Hankook previews several concept tires

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Hankook Tire America Corp. is providing a sneak preview of several new concept tires at its Global Tire Expo-Powered by TIA booth. Products include the Enfren Eco, an environmentally friendly product that will hit the market in late 2011.

"Designed for high performance 'eco-driving,' the Enfren Eco can help improve a vehicle's fuel economy while the vehicle is in motion," say Hankook officials. 

"A solid center block and a special high-silica rubber compound allow for better steering feel and lower rolling resistance. The tire also features unique alignment indicators incorporated into the tread that allow for a quick visual check of a vehicle’s alignment to prevent uneven tread wear.

"The new Enfren Eco is being designed for the hybrid and fuel efficient vehicles expected in the next few years and on the road today."

Also in the pipeline is the Dynapro HT, which will be available during the third quarter of 2011. The premium, all-season performance tire is designed for vans, SUVs and light trucks. It contains "an optimized, eco-friendly compound" for longer milesage and improved braking.

"The tire also features a computer generated symmetric pattern that prevents uneven tread wear and gives the tire better handling and noise performance."

In addition, Hankook is providing a preview of the Optimo H426, an all-season grand touring performance tire that will be available during the second quarter of 2011. The Optimo H426 "will sport 20% lower rolling resistance than its predecessor."

The tire "adopts a rib-block design to minimize vibration while driving and employs an optimized lateral groove width to generate the least possible noise. This groove design, along with the V-shaped unidirectional pattern, also improves the tire’s wet weather performance."

All three tires utilize Hankook’s patented Kontrol Technology, note company officials.

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