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Raybestos gets its S-Groove on

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Raybestos gets its S-Groove on

Raybestos R-300 Performance rotors from Affinia Group Inc. were designed with pedal feel, lasting rust prevention and long pad life in mind.

The new product features a unique “S-Groove” slot design that provides better pad-to-rotor contact than previous Raybestos performance rotors.

“You can really feel the benefit of the new S-Groove slot design,” says Georgianne Dickey, Raybestos brand marketing manager for the Affinia Global Brake & Chassis division. “Drivers experience stronger bite without having to sacrifice smooth braking.”

Brake fade is reduced due to improved out-gassing, and the rotor delivers superior “panic-stop” braking thanks to its high-flow, clog-resistant vane design. The rotor is also less prone to cracking; a problem that takes place on traditional drilled rotor designs.

“The S-Groove slot design has been proven on a dynamometer to allow simultaneous out-gassing on both the leading and trailing ends of the friction,” says Rick Woodside, director of product development for Raybestos rotors and drums. The rapid inward circulation of air moves gases and particulate matter with centrifugal force to the outside of the rotor; allowing for constant escape of harmful heat and gasses.

The metallurgy used in the R-300 Performance Rotor also produces improved performance. The high-carbon damped iron metallurgy has a better rate of thermal conductivity to drastically improve heat dispersion to cancel vibration.

The R-300 Performance Rotor incorporates two corrosion-resistant coatings formulated for optimal cooling and premium rust protection.

1. The protective Black Fusion coating is applied to every rotor hat to prevent premature rusting.

2. The corrosion-resistant Grey Fusion coating is proven to withstand more than 300 hours of saltwater exposure. It also ensures the rotor edges and vanes remain clear of rust for optimal airflow and cooling.

Since these protective formulas cover the entire surface of the rotor, drivers can count on a premium appearance throughout the life of the rotor.

As an added benefit to technicians, the non-directional rotor design eliminates the need for unique right and left part numbers. The rotors can be used on all four corners of the vehicle, which simplifies ordering and installation.

For more information on R-300 Performance Rotors, or for any Raybestos brake or chassis product, visit

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