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TSI introduces NG-2 Nitrogen Tank Cart

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Tire Service Equipment Manufacturing Co. Inc. (TSI) has added the new NG-2 Nitrogen Tank Cart to its product offerings.

Because it is used in combination with nitrogen gas cylinders, It is "a less expensive alternative to tire service providers wanting to offer nitrogen tire service," according to the company.

The unit accepts tanks up  to 10 inches in diameter and 60 inches in height. "Nitrogen gas cylinders are easily available and can be economically provided by any local industrial gas supplier," adds TSI.

The portable NG-2 Nitrogen Tank Cart is equipped with four 25-foot hoses and quick lock air chucks, and can service up to four tires at one time -- and only requires each tire to be hooked up once. The fully programmable control unit is then simply set to the specified tire air pressure along with the desired number of purge cycles (it can be set for up to nine cycles).

The NG-2 Nitrogen Tire Cart has an operating range of 0 to 145 psi and is equipped with a top-off feature.

The NG-2 Nitrogen Tire Cart comes with a rechargeable 12V DC system that provides up to five hours of continuous operation

TSI manufactures and markets automotive wheel service equipment as well as disposal and recycling equipment.  For more information, visit

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