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Goodyear Fuel Max goes border to border

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A Washington man recently drove from Canada to Mexico on a single tank of gas and Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tires, according to Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Craig Henderson and his custom-built car, the Avion, completed the more than 1,400-mile trek this past weekend.

"Helping the car to achieve this milestone was a set of Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tires, featuring a Fuel-Saving Tread Compound."

The Avion is powered by an 800 cc diesel motor. Henderson says he drove the car at around 55 miles per hour, contending with "regular traffic volumes." The Avion, he adds, consumed just 12.4 gallons of fuel from start to finish.

The Assurance Fuel Max is available in 32 sizes and covers about 80% of the passenger car market, according to Goodyear.

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