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Bosch heavily promotes oil filter lines

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Bosch DistancePlus oil filters are part of an aggressive multimedia consumer promotional campaign that runs through October. If all goes well, the campaign will garner more than 70 million impressions for the new high-capacity filter line.

“In the next few months, many families around the country will be loading up their vehicles and driving off to distant vacation destinations," says Ramon Nuñez, director of filtration for Robert Bosch LLC. "There will also be lots of daily outings to nearby community pools, parks and playgrounds. Put the two together and one can log thousands of miles in one’s vehicle over a short period of time.

"Our new ad campaign is especially timely in that it introduces drivers to the fact that their vehicles will be in better shape to go the distance with Bosch DistancePlus oil filters." Nuñez adds that DistancePlus is 99.9% efficient in capturing dirt and holds more than three times the contaminants that economy filters do.

DistancePlus ads will appear in print and online magazines like "Road & Track," "Popular Science" and "Popular Mechanics" magazines. Banner ads will appear on Web sites like,, and

In a corresponding ad campaign appearing in the print and online aftermarket trade media, Bosch is introducing DistancePlus oil filters to counter personnel at auto parts stores and service writers and technicians at automotive service centers and repair shops.

To encourage consumer purchases of DistancePlus oil filters at automotive retail stores, Bosch is offering a $5 gift card to The Home Depot with the purchase of any one Bosch DistancePlus oil filter.

Additionally, for those not opting for DistancePlus, Bosch is promoting its line of Bosch Premium oil filters with a two-pronged consumer rebate program that offers:

1. a $5 rebate with the purchase of any two Bosch Premium oil filters, or

2. a $2 rebate with the purchase of any one Bosch Premium oil filter.

Rebate forms for both promotions are available at participating retailers and online at (limit two rebate forms per household; there is no dollar limit).

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