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Bosch designs diagnostic tool for North America

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Bosch designs diagnostic tool for North America

The Bosch Group recently introduced the KTS 340 diagnostic tool into the North American aftermarket. It was designed to diagnose more than 230,000 domestic, Asian, and European vehicle models with the help of Bosch's globally sourced ESI (tronic) automotive database.

According to Jim Frazer, director of marketing for the Bosch Diagnostics Business Unit, the tool's large (8.4 inches) interactive touchscreen, graphing 2-channel multimeter and automotive service database "will streamline automotive service and help ensure rapid, accurate diagnosis and timely repair."

Based on what Bosch calls the "Usability Concept," the KTS 340 identifies a vehicle in three ways.

1. Automatic Vehicle Identification. With one click, the vehicle is automatically identified when vehicles are equipped with Auto ID.

2. Fast Manual VIN Entry. The technician can identify the vehicle by typing in the VIN using the 340's touchscreen keypad.

3. Year/Make/Model selection. This intuitive, easy-to-use feature guides a technician through a step-by-step selection of the correct vehicle.

The KTS 340 can be used out of the box, with Bosch's comprehensive ESI(tronic) software already installed and temporarily licensed. Twelve months of updates are included in the $5,295 purchase price (the charging station is an additional $295.95). The KTS 340 also comes with a 12-month Module Status subscription, a sort of "quick vehicle health check that gives the technician a quick overview of the equipped systems.

The unit, which is mobile, also has:

* WLAN for printing and the Web, and an embedded Web browser;

* an enhanced global OBD II mode;

* read and delete DTCs;

* OBD controls (bi-directional tests and actuator testing); and

* special tests and functions, including brake bleeding or steering wheel angle reset.

Subscribers to the Bosch ESI(tronic) software package are provided with the latest DVD update four times a year. Data relating to new vehicle types, target values for vehicle diagnostics, up-to-date information on servicing and maintenance matters, new troubleshooting instructions and technical service information can be imported into the ECU diagnostic systems; these updates also are available online.

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