Pirelli interested in Formula 1?

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The Milan daily Il Giornale reports that Pirelli chairman Marco Tronchetti Provera, after a shareholder's meeting Wednesday, said that if some conditions for providing tires to Formula 1 changed Pirelli would look into this (F1) world with greater attention.

Pirelli agrees with Michelins proposal to increase the diameter of F1 tires to fit 18 inch wheels as this has technical relevance to road tires. The two manufacturers also agree that they should be paid for their tires.

There has been some resistance from the F1 teams related to financial issues. A tire size increase from 13 to 18 inches would require an expensive redesign of suspensions and presently Bridgestone supplies all the F1 teams tires at no cost while spending an estimated 120 millions dollar per year on its F1 program.

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