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BendPak introduces Ranger RX3040 tire changer

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BendPak Inc. has introduced its Ranger RX3040 "Touchless" RimGuard tire changer.

It features an integrated wheel lift, pneumatic drop center tool, precision foot-pedal controls and “Quick-Nut” wheel mounting in addition to a powerful Turbo-Blast bead seat and inflation system, the company notes.

A specialized tool head pulling- and mounting-tip effortlessly manipulates the tire from a horizontal angle, all without touching the wheel. This arm is controlled via the Target-Lock joystick button, which performs precision automatic location tasks for both the tool head pulling-tip and the mounting tip, up to 1/8” from the wheel’s edge.

Accurate position-sensing data from the robotic upper bead roller generates the exact coordinates for the Target-Lock tool head, so underside tool positioning is as easy as pushing a button. A built-in easy view infrared camera located beneath the turntable feeds a bright, eye-level LCD monitor. Operators have full view of underside operations minimizing the risk of wheel contact and simplifying delicate tool-head positioning, says the company.

The Ranger RX3040 is designed so that not only do operators never have to touch the wheel or tire during changing procedures, they also never have to crouch in order to inspect the position of mounting and demounting tools beneath the wheel.

The 44-inch maximum capacity RX3040 tire changer performs bead breaking duties with a pair of twin bead breaker rollers that clamp symmetrically on the top and the bottom of the tire for controlled penetration, effortlessly loosening even the most awkward or stubborn tire, the company says. Throughout the processes, Ranger RimGuard technology protects delicate alloy wheels.

The RX3040 also includes a power-saving automatic shutdown schedule, which turns off the pump and the motor after 15 seconds of inactivity. This eco-friendly feature is included to save energy and reduce background noise and component wear.

BendPak / Ranger Senior Marketing Vice President Jeff Kritzer says, “We’re hoping the RX3040 will do for tire changers what the automatic transmission did for automobiles by setting a new standard for accessibility, ease-of-use and safety.”

For more information, contact BendPak at (800) 253-2363 or visit the company's Web site at

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