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Pearson Tire founder Raynal Pearson dies

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Pearson Tire founder Raynal Pearson dies

Raynal Pearson, the 87-year-old founder of Pearson Tire Co. in Richfield, Utah, died Tuesday night surrounded by his family.

"He has always been a gentle giant and will certainly be missed by all who have known him," says his son, Larry, who took over the reins of the eight-store dealership years ago. "His straight-forward and honest ways in both business and personal life will leave a legacy that will not be forgotten."

(Pearson's funeral will be held Monday, Dec. 15, at 12 p.m. We will pass along more details when they become available at

Pearson started the business 64 years ago with a simple mission statement: "to provide customers the highest quality products, furnish them with exceptional service, and make a fair profit for ourselves and the company." In 1999, he was named Modern Tire Dealer's Tire Dealer of the Year.

Here is an excerpt from the story about the "quiet empire-builder" written by then MTD Editor Lloyd Stoyer.

"If you were to choose a typical Utahan, his name might well be Raynal Pearson. This quiet, unassuming man somehow reflects the directness, honesty and simplicity of the state.

"The rugged beauty of Utah inspired Brigham Young to halt the westward trek of his early Mormon followers and declare that “This is the Place” to settle, worship and build their lives.

"And Utah is still a place where hard work is revered. It’s where honesty is taken for granted. It is also where people still appreciate the beauty of their surroundings, but realize foresight and persistence are necessary to cope with the sometimes harsh whims of Mother Nature.

"Pearson fits ideally into this environment.

"He was born there -- 72 years ago -- on a 300-acre ranch near the town of Marysvale in the south central part of the state.

"He learned early the value of hard work and sharing and religious faith. These are the simple virtues on which he has based his life.

And he has quietly prospered in Utah, a place where honest persistence is more important than gimmicks and flamboyance in getting ahead."

To read a feature-length article about Pearson and his company, click on this link.

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