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Nitto adds all-weather tire to Grappler line

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Nitto Adds All-Weather Tire to Grappler Line

Nitto Tire U.S.A. has added an all-weather tire certified for use in severe snow conditions to its Grappler line.

The company says the new Exo Grappler AWT tires provide superior traction in dirt, rock, gravel, snow and ice. The tires are available in two unique sidewall designs to customize the look of a vehicle.

The tires are designed specifically to deliver consistent traction on dirt trails, gravel and farmland, while providing driving comfort when cruising at highway speeds, according to Nitto. 

A new chip-resistant all-weather compound, three-ply sidewall construction and large, thick sidewall lugs contribute to superior puncture resistance and winter traction capabilities. The Exo Grappler AWT carries a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake winter tire rating.

“The Exo Grappler AWT brings together the designs and technologies that we’ve developed throughout the extensive testing of all of our Grappler tires and combines them into the new tire,” says Alan Ngo, senior staff engineer.  “We’ve designed a tire that is not only competent on dirt, gravel and pavement, but also has excellent capabilities in snow and ice.”

Nitto says the Exo Grappler AWT features a number of advanced technologies that give it both superior off-road and on-road capabilities, even in freezing temperatures. 

Off road, its staggered shoulder blocks provide increased traction in loose dirt while the integrated stone ejectors reduce stone retention and drilling. 

Additionally, the tire’s three-ply sidewalls with large sidewall lugs add strength and guard against unwanted punctures.  On pavement, the Exo’s gear-shaped block edges work to reinforce the tread blocks and provide a more stable contact patch for better control and the computer-designed variable-pitch tread blocks reduce tire noise at highways speeds.

To maintain traction in snow and ice, the tire uses a new rubber compound that is a mix of natural rubber, high-strength polymers and wear-resistant materials that is durable and allows for traction in freezing temperatures. 

Specially designed sipes also help create better biting edges and water evacuation on icy surfaces while the tire’s large lateral groves help evacuate snow and slush. The tire also features molded stud holes that are compatible with TSMI #15 sized studs for even more added winter traction.

Exo Grappler AWT tires are available in the most popular 17, 18 and 20-inch rim diameter sizes. More information is available at www.exograppler.comTo learn more about Nitto Tire, please visit

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