Bandag On Pace to Achieve Record Year

Dec. 22, 2022

Bridgestone Americas Inc. says its Bandag retreading business is on pace to achieve record-year-over year growth. The company expects Bandag retreaders to produce more than seven million units in 2022.

Bridgestone anticipates continued growth in 2023 thanks to the $60 million investment the company is making at its tread rubber plant in Abilene, Texas.

The capital infusion will add 50,000 square feet and additional production days to meet increased demand for Bandag products, according to Bridgestone officials.

In addition, the recently introduced Bridgestone Last Mile Tire System will start using retreads for small and mid-sized fleets during the first quarter of 2023 "with the goal of extending the benefits of retreading to a broader population of fleet customers."

The system "will allow smaller fleets operating out of the same terminal to realize greater economies of scale in their tire operations, including access to Bandag retread solutions and Bridgestone Fleet Care products."

The Bandag network includes more than 200 retread plants throughout North America.