Tyres International Releases New Ascenso Brand Tires

Nov. 28, 2022

Tyres International Inc. has released two Ascenso brand tires available for container shipping - the MPB 400 series and the CDR 700 ag tire 

The MPB 400 series has a wide center lug for increased carcass strength and a better grip and traction for a smoother ride. 

The CDR 700 is aag tire with a multi-angle tire pattern that has a shoulder design thaprovides high traction. A dual mud breaker ensures self-cleaning properties and the tire's larger footprint ensures stability in the field and on the road. 

The MPB 400 is available in the following sizes: 10.0/75x15.3/18; 11.5/80x15.3/18; 18x19.5/16; 18x19.5/18; 10.5x/18/12; 12.5x18/12; 10.5x20/12; 12.5x20/12; 14.5x20/14; and 16.0/70x20/14.

The CDR 700 is available in the following sizes:  380/70R20;  240/70R16; 260/70R16;  260/70R20;  280/70R16; 280/70R18;  340/65R18; 280/70R20; 300/70R20; and 320/70R20