BKT Continues to Expand Product Lineup

Oct. 31, 2022

It’s been a banner year for Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT) as the company continues to expand its range of more than 3,200 SKUs. This includes the launch of several OTR tires during the past 12 months.

Most recently, BKT rolled out a new tire, the EM 933 Super, for excavators in digging and loading operations.

The EM 933 Super boasts "many distinguishing features," according to BKT officials, including "an outstanding sidewall design with a protruding rib that enables the close contact of two tires, without the need for a special rubber ring to avoid rock penetration.

Earlier in the year, BKT rolled out new tires for machines used at recycling centers. These products include the Skid Max SR-Skidder and the BK-Loader 53.

The Skid Max SR-Skidder is available in size 300/70R16.5 and is designed to carry heavy loads while ensuring optimal stability. It features an all-steel structure, a thick sidewall to minimize the risk of punctures, a wide tread with a continuous central lug and more.

The BK-Loader 53 is available in size 405/70R18, in addition to size 405/70R20.

BKT also added the Multimax MP 538 to its lineup. The tire is designed for motor graders and loaders that operate in the ice and snow, as well as telehandlers.

The Multimax MP 538 boasts a special tread pattern for enhanced traction, a steel belt casing and other features. It's available in size 405/70R20.

In addition, BKT added two sizes - 335/80R18 and 365/80R20 - to its Multimax MP 540, a multi-purpose OTR tire "intended for universal vehicles used in municipality and maintenance applications," according to company officials.

BKT's Multimax line also includes the Multimax MP 513, the Multimax MP 527 and the Multimax MP 522.

Ag tire investment

BKT also has responded to strong global ag tire demand by investing in production of radial products.

During the first quarter of 2022, BKT’s plant in Bhuj, India, manufactured its first radial ag tire.

"The worldwide demand for agricultural tires is on the upswing," said Arvind Poddar, BKT chairman and managing director, at the time.

"There is a strong indication that growth in this sector is here to stay and in keeping with the company's vision of growth and quality, the present expansion would meet the expectations from our loyal customers.

"During one of the most difficult times that the world has seen by way of the pandemic in 2021, we adopted a strategy that helped us satisfy even our most demanding customers and deliver our products as per their requirements," he added.

The new, additional ag tire production at the Bhuj plant, which also produces OTR tires, "is the culmination of an investment of $95 million," according to a statement from BKT.

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