Maxam Expands Ag Tire Sizes

Sept. 28, 2022

Maxam Tire North America Inc. is expanding its product offerings in the AGRIXTRA 70 and 65 series of agricultural tires and they will be offered as part of Maxam North American Spring Savings Program 2023.

The wide profile AGRIXTRA 70-series, engineered to deliver extra flotation and traction, will add seven new sizes to the product family. The tire has a self-cleaning wide tread design and sports a 45-degree lug profile, which provides traction and minimizes vibration while on the road.

In addition, Maxam has released two new sizes to the AGRIXTRA 65 series family – the 600/65R34 and 650/65R38 AGRIXTRA 65. The 65-series also features a wide profile for high flotation, and additionally is made from rubber compounds that reduce ozone cracking and weathering.

“Offering improved traction, increased stability and reduced slip, the AGRIXTRA family of products allows Maxam to deliver a value-driven and comprehensive solution to farmers and growers globally,” says Greg Gilland, vice president of global manufacturing at Maxam.

“Maxam's eight-year tire warranty is our promise to farmers and growers that we will remain confident in protecting their investments.”