Titan Chairman Morry Taylor Comments on Ag Market

Sept. 26, 2022

"I started in 1973 and have never seen the business like this," Morry Taylor, chairman of Titan International Inc. (TWI), recently said. "No one knows when this is going to slow down, but it's real hard to see any slowing anytime soon."

In his remarks, Taylor also commented on Titan's second quarter earnings. 

"The second quarter was one of Titan's best ever and the forecast going forward was outstanding. The Street analysts have a favorable view on TWI stock with targets going up to $25 per share.

"In talking with bankers and other sources, the comments came back that 'the markets are just flat-out wild!'

"Recently, I talked with a large ag dealer who is waiting for 43 new combines that have been sold. He has on his lot 43 combines that were traded in and has sold all of those, but he will not release any combines until the new ones arrive.

"The harvest begins now through October. Illinois farmers are going to have a great year and Iowa farmers will be in good shape, but it will not be a record for American farmers this year.

"The major equipment manufacturers are running behind and they are sold out for 2022 and 2023 will be great. If farmers can't get new equipment, then they certainly will be buying new tires for their old equipment, which bodes well for TWI.

"Titan's board believes there are great opportunities in front of the company for further growth and that the best days for TWI are still ahead. As a reminder, look at the many good things the Titan team has accomplished in recent years, including growing the business and increasing margins, along with buying back four million shares, refinancing our long-term debt and expectations to generate operating cash flow near $100 million in 2022.

"I have been asked about the electric tractors, combines, etc. Keep in mind, during the harvest the equipment runs 24/7, so I believe nuclear power will come before batteries and electrified equipment.

"TWI started with zero sales and no employees in 1983. That's 40 years of a strong history."