Pomp's Supports Truckers Against Trafficking

May 19, 2022

Pomp’s Tire Service Inc. is supporting the mission of Truckers Against Trafficking. The tire dealership has added the nonprofit’s logo and safety message onto its first truck, and the company is training its employees to be on the lookout for victims of human trafficking.

Paul Wochinske, president of Pomp’s Tire Service, says the company is “ proud to partner with an organization that is dedicated to fighting human trafficking.

“The Pomp’s team recognizes the need for more awareness in our industry and has used the training material to make sure our employees know what to be on the lookout for while on the road. We look forward to our continued relationship with (Truckers Against Trafficking) and hope others will join the fight against human trafficking.”

Wochinske says the nonprofit’s mission and values “directly align with our core values at Pomp’s Tire.

“By training our teammates, publicly demonstrating our firm support for anti-trafficking efforts, and generating conversations with our customers and the general public, we believe that we will be the difference in helping a victim of human trafficking.

T.J. Trum, general counsel and team leader for risk management and safety at Pomp’s Tire Service, says this initial trailer “will further amplify the important message of Trucker’s Against Trafficking.”

Pomp's Tire Service employees in Dupo, Ill., gathered around the tire dealership's new trailer that promotes the mission of Truckers Against Trafficking.

Pomp’s Tire Service has been a dealership partner with the nonprofit since 2017.

Esther Goetsch, interim executive director of Truckers Against Trafficking, says, “Over the years, Pomp’s has continued to increase its level of engagement in (the Truckers Against Trafficking Dealership Partner) program, displaying its commitment to combat human trafficking.”

She noted Pomp’s has trained its employees, displayed Truckers Against Trafficking materials at its brick-and-mortar locations and become a sponsor. The tire dealership has also introduced the organization to others in the industry, highlighted it on the company website, “and now have created and are employing up to 24 co-branded wrapped trailers to raise awareness.”