Nokian Adds Sizes to Ground Kare OTR Tire Line

April 5, 2022

Nokian Tyres plc has added three new sizes to its Ground Kare OTR tire line, which targets excavators and other machines. The sizes are available in North America.

They include 710/40-22.5, which boasts an extra-large footprint for working on soft soil; 600/50-22.5, which Nokian officials say is "an excellent choice for smaller machines;" and the 620/60-30, which "offers excellent load-bearing capacity."

“Another thing affecting tire service life is the risk of tire damage on rocky construction sites, with knife-sharp stones and rebar fragments," says Nokian Product Manager Kimmo Kekki. "Nokian Ground Kare is steel-fortified against cuts and cracks and unlike with dual tires, the rocks can’t wedge between them.

“A high utilization rate helps the contractors get the most out of their machine investment”, adds Kekki. "Nokian Ground Kare is an excellent all-round tire for many kinds of jobs."