Yokohama Adds Drive Tire to Commercial Truck Lineup

Feb. 1, 2022

Yokohama Tire Corp. has added a new drive tire, the 720R, to its expanding commercial truck tire lineup. The Yokohama 720R is designed for last-mile and pickup truck applications.

Currently available in the United States in size 225/70R19.5, the 720R "is designed for fast-paced businesses," says Tom Clauer, Yokohama’s senior manager of commercial product planning. “Its deep-tread design is built to last and provides year-round traction for outstanding maneuverability in urban environments.”

Other features include an all-new casing design; N speed rating, which allows speeds of up to 87 miles per hour; wide lateral grooves that run diagonally across the center rib for improved wet and snow traction; deep open shoulder lug grooves for enhanced traction and resistance to irregular wear; "serpentine grooves" for optimal water evacuation; an 18/32-inch original tread depth for "aggressive traction and longer, wear without sacrificing fuel efficiency," according to Yokohama officials; and more.

The 720R also boasts enhanced sidewall protection to minimize curb damage and scrubbing, funnel-shaped grooves "that prevent stones and debris from reaching the bottom of the groove, where casing damage can occur," and more.