Greenball Updates Side-By-Side and LT Tire Offerings

Nov. 10, 2021

Greenball Corp. has updated two of its side-by-side tires, giving them both square shoulders and a flatter contact patch to grip more of the road.

Kory Ellis, GBC’s brand coordinator, says the squared shoulder design provides more traction and bite for the Dirt Commander 2.0 and the Mongrel SQ.

The radial Dirt Commander 2.0 offers greater sidewall protection than its predecessor, and the tread blocks were redesigned with maximum clean out in mind.

The Mongrel SQ, which is based on the company’s popular Mongrel tire, is also getting a makeover with a similar profile shape. Ellis says the Mongrel SQ will be available in a 37-inch option.

In the light truck tire arena, Greenball’s Kanati brand is offering a new tire, the Commandant ATX. The tire’s tread is based on the brand’s Armor Hog ATX tire, but Ellis says the Commandant ATX weighs less than the Armor Hog ATX, which is for heavy-duty applications.

That makes the Commandant ATX a good fit for light trucks and SUVs that are daily drivers. The tire features an aggressive tread pattern that provides traction and handling, but is also designed for a quiet and smooth ride.

The Commandant ATX will be available during the first quarter of 2022.