Maxam Adds 63-Inch Size to MS403 Mining Tire

Oct. 8, 2021

Maxam Tire North America's MS403 OTR tire has a new size: 59/80R63. The MS403 is designed for open pit mining applications.

The 63-inch tire "encompasses a heavy-duty casing and bead construction with advanced compounding technology," according to Maxam officials.

Other features include an aggressive tread pattern that optimizes shoulder lug stability and minimizes irregular wear, enhanced bead construction for greater load carrying capacity, a heat-resistant under-tread for reduced heat build-up and more.

Similar to Maxam's other giant OTR tires, the MS403 has undergone "advanced engineering, extensive research and rigorous global testing repeatedly. With the main goal of providing exceptional performance and lower cost-ton-per-value, Maxam designed the 59/80R63 to maximize global mining operations' productivity."

Matt Johnson, vice president of Maxam Mining Group, says the addition of the new size "further enhances our flagship mining product line, delivering a comprehensive line of viable solutions to mining applications globally, in every size."