AME International Rolls Out Heavy Duty Jack Stands

Sept. 17, 2021

AME International has unveiled its new 14401 Heavy Duty Pin Style Jack Stands, which are sold in pairs and have a weight capacity of 22 U.S. tons each.

"The 14401 Heavy Duty Jack Stands takes our most popular 44 US ton stands and sets the bar even higher," say AME officials.

"Heavy-duty wheels and a two-piece handle prevent the need for the technician to place themselves under equipment to set the stands."

The stands have a minimum height of 13 inches and a maximum height of 20 inches.

“The added wheels and handle serve two purposes,” says Don Tinker, North America business development, AME.

“First, no more heavy lifting while in a kneeling or prone position, preventing back injuries. Secondly, the wheels and extended handle removes the technician from the danger of placing themselves under a load only supported by a jack.

"The stands can be safely positioned while outside of the danger zone," he notes.