Ziegler Tire Helps Michelin ONCall Program Reach Milestone

Sept. 17, 2021

Michelin North America Inc.'s ONCall Emergency Roadside Service program has put more than two million trucks back on the road. A service technician from Massillon, Ohio-based Ziegler Tire & Supply Co.'s Cincinnati, Ohio, location completed the two millionth call.

Ziegler Tire - which is the 14th largest commercial tire dealership in the U.S. and operates 21 locations across several states - is part of the Michelin Commercial Service Network.

Michelin rolled out ONCall in 2009. In its first year, the program completed more than 63,000 road service calls.

It processed more than 243,400 calls in 2020.

"As one of the original members of the Michelin Commercial Service Network, the network has allowed Ziegler Tire to assure our customers of quality emergency roadside service," says Nate Clements, Ziegler Tire's chief operation officer.