New Nokian Forestry Tire is Available in North America

Sept. 15, 2021

The new Nokian TR Forest 2 is designed for use on light and medium-weight tractors in forestry, landscaping and light mulching applications. It is designed "to work in challenging terrain, helping users to get the most out of their machinery," says Nokian Product Manager Teemu Vainionpaa.

The tire - which is available in North America - offers enhanced puncture protection thanks to reinforcements under its tread.

“For effective puncture resistance, the key is to have all the components in tire construction working together. Rather than just a single protective element, the puncture resistance is a result of tire’s protection level and its ability to take hits from outer obstacles."

Tire stability is a desirable feature making work more accurate, comfortable and safer, he notes.

“The bias structure of the Nokian TR Forest 2 tractor tire has excellent shock and swing absorbing characteristics. This results in steady performance in several different types of tractor work.

“Our expertise in forestry tires, combined with the modern bias technology and materials, has taken our products to the next level."

The Nokian TR Forest 2 will be available in 12 sizes, with the first five entering the market in November. Another six will be introduced in December. And the tire's final size is scheduled to roll out in February 2022.