Nokian is Bringing Popular Ag Tire to North America

Sept. 2, 2021

Nokian Tyres plc's CT agricultural trailer tire has a new size, 600/55R26.5, and will be available in North America in late-2021.

"Designed for the heaviest loads and toughest surfaces, the Nokian CT agricultural trailer tire has brought stability, long service life and massive load-bearing capacity to earthmoving and contracting jobs for years," say Nokian officials.

The Nokian CT features "an extremely wear-and damage-resistant, earthmoving-grade radial structure and thick pattern," as well as a large contact area and "extra high-strength construction."

The tire has been available since 2014 in Europe, where it has become "a popular OEM Tire for trailer manufacturers," according to  Nokian Product Manager Tero Saari.

 “In the real world, the same tire may be used for earthmoving, farming and many other uses – and Nokian CT trailer tire has proven its worth in all of these. The ability to move high loads safely, comfortably and economically is what Nokian CT trailer tire is all about. This update takes care of that in the future, as well.