New ARLIE Tool Cleans Wheel Hubs More Effectively

Sept. 2, 2021

New from Infinite Concepts Manufacturing, the ARLIE (Advanced Rim Lug Internal Exterior) tool helps commercial tire technicians clean wheel stubs and hubs more effectively.

The tool, which is manufactured in the United States, has been "designed to address the 'R' in the recommended R.I.S.T. process for proper preparation and mounting of truck wheels," according to Infinite Concepts officials.

"Removing rust and foreign debris from the studs, hub assembly and wheel face is a critical step to ensuring proper clamping force is achieved during the torque procedure."

ARLIE is the "only tool that is engineered to rotate in one direction on/off the stud, while simultaneously cleaning the stud and hub area through the use of an internal brush, as well as an abrasive head - both replaceable parts for lifetime of tool use."

It also features "an ergonomic sleeve to allow the operator to hold the tool in his/her hand while in use for total control."