Hunter Unveils Heavy-Duty Alignment Pit Racks

Aug. 30, 2021

Hunter Engineering Co. has introduced a series of heavy-duty pit racks designed to service a wide variety of trucks and particularly larger vehicles.

The new alignment pit racks are designed for easy installation in tire dealerships, as well as easy access for technicians. The P490HD provides maximum flexibility and accommodates a wide variety of vehicles. Its compact 226-inch runway allows for any number of rear axles on the concrete apron, with the only size constraint being whatever will fit in the shop.

The new P491HD features a 360-inch runway for longer-cab vehicles, with rear-axle adjustments performed on slip plates.

The P490 and P491 both will serve extended vehicles. The length and low clearance of many motor coaches often make traditional alignment racks unusable.

This new series was specifically designed so trucks and light-duty vehicles of all sizes can be moved on and off the rack quickly. Both models accommodate 35,000 pounds, with 30-inch-wide runways and built-in slip plates and turnplates. Versions that include Hunter’s PowerSlide functionality are also available.

The 30-inch pit gives technicians to move around the vehicle. No pre-installation kits are required for the P49HD series. Hunter says the pits are simple to pour, including an optional deeper pit of 58 inches for full underside serviceability.

The racks also accommodate many of the accessories from Hunter’s 494 heavy-duty four-post lift, including jacks.

"Today, we’re all feeling the pain of constraints on freight,” says Pete Liebetreu, Hunter's vice president of marketing. “That builds a corresponding need for very quick and efficient service. The 490 and 491 are convenient, fast and efficient options for our customers to provide exactly that.”