Titan Expands Loader Tire Line with New HK 458

July 8, 2021

Titan International Inc. has introduced a new wheel loader tire, the Titan HK 458, which has been designed for "extreme loader applications," according to the company.

The E-4/L-4, dual-rated, bias-ply HK 458 "combines the tread design of a forestry tire, a wheel loader tire and an ATV tire, all in one - making it ideally suited for both muddy, challenging construction sites and agriculture applications, where the sludge and mud are endless."

The tire features an open tread pattern and a premium compound for decreased wear rates, plus multiple layers of high-elongation steel belts for enhanced puncture protection.

"When you look at most traditional loader tires, they're simply not meant to run in messy and mud-caked ag applications," notes Scott Sloan, Titan's ag product manager.

"A traditional loader will easily get mud trapped in the small voids between the lugs and instantly lose traction. With the HK 458, you get aggressive traction and excellent self-cleaning to maintain traction all day long."

The HK 458 is available in two sizes: 20.5-25 and 23.5-25.