Continental to Offer Industrial Tires Under 3 Brands

June 23, 2021

Continental AG is "repositioning" itself within the industrial tire segment with three brands of products for a variety of applications and customers. The tires will be sold under the Continental, General and Barum brands.

The Continental brand will cover tires for the most demanding applications, where mileage, endurance and durability all must meet the toughest challenges.

The Super-Elastic and Press-on-Band (POB) tires are stable and offer low rolling resistances thanks to the Continental Plus compound. The lower heat generation in the tire leads to increased energy efficiency and reliable performance in the most demanding, round-the-clock applications — such as forklifts in production, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and airport ground support applications.

Non-marking versions of these tires are options for production and industrial sites where black tire marks on the floors aren't acceptable.

The General brand will offer three options, all for medium-intensity applications and fitments on forklifts, trailers and other pieces of industrial equipment.

The General Tire Lifter is the Super-Elastic tire for indoor and outdoor logistics applications. It offers durability and performance in applications of up to two work shifts. The General Tire Smooth POB has been developed for primarily indoor applications where rolling comfort and traction are best provided by a smooth profile on hard, flat indoor surfaces. The General Tire Trac features  tread grooves and is designed for high-grip service, such as on ramps and outdoor use where the surfaces are more uneven and are subject to rain and slippery surfaces.

The General Tire Lifter and Smooth are also available in "clean versions" that don't leave black marks on flooring.

The Barum Industry solid tire is the option in applications where there's a focus on cost and short operating cycles. Barum tires have been redesigned for operations that use their forklift trucks only occasionally or where utilization is low. For these applications, the Barum Industry will deliver the required performance without letting the user down. It will launch around the world in 2022.